OPG Antolović - Olio Vivi di San Vito - Grožnjan, Istria


Particularly favorable microclimate, soil, biological fertilization, followed by hand picking and the exact level of maturity of the olives, enable the family farm to produce extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality, which originates from biological agriculture.
Family farm "Antolović Viviano," is a recognized manufacturer of various types of olives, among which are: Istarska bjelica, Pavonaza, Carbon, Leccino, Frantoio and varietal sort which contain 12 kinds of olives.
But, let's meet them in detail!

Istarska bjelica and varietal sort

Istarska bjelica and varietal sort are oil with intense flavors that fit perfectly in combination with meat and fish dishes, grilled cuttlefish, pizza, spaghetti and a variety of seasonal cheeses.

Pavonaza and Frantoio

Pavonaza and Frantoio are causing medium flavor, which are excellent with boiled vegetables and for preparation delicious dishes such as minestrone, a typical Istrian food. In addition, they are great for appetizer based on mushrooms, bruschett and octopus salad.

Carbona and Leccino

Carbona and Leccino oils have a light flavor which specifically agrees with salads, cheese, risotto with vegetables. It is also used in the preparation of cakes and even in combination with ice cream.

Istarska bjelica, Carbona and Pavonaza are three native varieties just from area of Grožnjan, which were revived thanks to the recovery of old trees thus left to themselves after the great frost some years ago.

Olio Vivi di San Vito

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