OPG Antolović - Olio Vivi di San Vito - Grožnjan, Istria


Thanks to numerous awards and recognitions at national and international level, there are no doubts about the quality of oil. First award came in 1995th. on the competition in the occasion of "Ole Olivarum" held in Krasica, where quite deservedly awarded two gold medals for the Istarska bjelica and Pavonaza. Since then, every year it participates in this competition with excellent results for other types of oil. Other awards that also demonstrate the excellent quality of different varieties of oils are those from Vodnjan, Split, Poreč and Verona. In Porec, on the event Vinistra 2009th, the Istarska bjelica awarded the first prize followed, of course, with a gold medal and the Champion Award.

The success continued in Split in 2010th where gold medal was awarded for extra virgin olive oil Istarska bjelica, the plaque for mono varietal extra virgin minnow and vice premium for the same.

In Split, in 2011th. gold medals was also awarded, but this time for Leccino and in 2012th. for more varietal. These successes of Antolović family oil are adds to the recognition of the Gran Menzione from AIPO, held in 2009th in Verona, which is also present in the publication "Guide to the world's best recognized quality of extra virgin olive oil 2009th\ as well as those 2010th, 2011th, 2013rd and 2014th. "Flos olei, guide to the world's best extra virgin oil". It is also present in the guide called "100 most successful Croatian olive oil manufacturer".

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Award chronology

  • Oleum Olivarum 2017 - Champion: Višesortno
  • Maslina Split 2017 - Gold medal for domestic varieties: Pavonaza
  • Maslina Split 2017 - Gold medal for foreign varieties: Leccino
  • Flos Olei 2017 - World guide EDMU: Istarska bjelica
  • Oleum Olivarum 2016 - Gold medal: Leccino
  • Maslina Split 2016 - Gold medal for the variety: Pavonaza
  • Maslina Split 2016 - Gold medal for mixed varieties: Višesortno
  • Maslina Split 2016 - Plaque for the best varietal oils: Carbona (Crnica)
  • AIPO Verona 2016 - The certificate about the difference- srednji okus: Frantoio
  • Flos Olei 2016 - World guide EDMU: Istarska bjelica
  • Oleum Olivarum 2015 - Silver medal: Višesortno
  • Maslina Split 2015 - Gold medal: Pavonaza
  • AIPO Verona 2015 - Diploma for the most often referred to - intense flavor: Istarska bjelica
  • Flos Olei 2015 - World guide EDMU: Lecciono
  • Oleum Olivarun 2014 - Gold medal: Leccino
  • Maslina Split 2014 - Gold medala: Istarska bjelica
  • Maslina Split 2014 - Gold medal: Carbona
  • Oleum Olivarun 2013 - Silver medal: Istarska bjelica
  • Maslina Split 2013 - Gold medal: Višesortno
  • Maslina Split 2013 - Plaque "Top 20 quality EDMU" domestic varieties: Pavonaza