OPG Antolović - Olio Vivi di San Vito - Grožnjan, Istria


Olive oil as also the wine, has become synonymous and the epithet of the Istrian way of life, together with modest towns which exudes a special charm and prestige Istrian restaurants for gourmets. It often happens that the extra virgin olive oil is only necessary addition for dishes, quite enough for big natural fullness of flavor from fresh vegetables, fish, seafood, meat dishes and a variety of pastas. Extra virgin olive oil of family farm Antolović Viviano are unsaturated, rich in natural antioxidants such as vitamin E, an essential component of a healthy Mediterranean diet.

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Where you can taste of such extra virgin olive oil?

The answer is simple, at family Antolović, 365 days a year, with helpful staff who will gladly answer all your curiosity and a variety of issues.